Pouting and smoking causes wrinkles.

Bad news for those ladies obsessed with the pout or the “duck face”, as it’s proven to cause wrinkles. Good news for the number of people irritated by seeing these people pout for photographs.

The way you hold your mouth can create lines above the lips. What you would call “smoker’s lines” are wrinkles that can occur from the pucker of the lips around the cigarettes between the lips.

Smoker’s lines don’t always come from smoking. You also get them from pouting, as well as from drinking from straws or bottles over a period of time. Holding your mouth in a pout position can make smoker’s lines. The pout position is the same as when someone smokes.

Also, if your skin is slightly older, then you can easily get smoker’s lines much quicker than you’d expect.

If you notice smoker’s lines at an early stage, then you may be able to slow down or reverse the deterioration by changing the way you are holding the cigarette, or lessening the amount of time you smoke it. Other options can include anti-ageing wrinkle creams.

Once the lines have started it’s going to take a great deal of effort to reduce them. Or you can go for Botox or Fillers to solve the problem, as long as you improve your habits after these treatments.

There are several articles on the Internet regarding this. Search for “pouting causes wrinkles” or “smoking causes wrinkles” for further research.

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