Medi-facial treatments

Medicated facial treatments

Medicated facial treatments available that can address and correct any skin concern. 

We also offer a bespoke medi facial that can address different skin concerns simultaneously. Should you wish this individualised service  a skin consultation will be required. 

Radiant glow facial

A gentle enzymatic facial treatment that provides an instant glow. No downtime, 20 minutes treatment for all skin types.


Red carpet facial

This facial boosts skin metabolism and improves circulation. The treatment leaves the skin purified glowing and radiant. Instant results lasting around a week, leaving you red carpet ready! No downtime. 20 minutes treatment for all skin types.


Detoxifying facial

A Gentle detoxifying treatment which deeply cleanses skin and removes all impurities. This treatment reduces break outs, minimises pores and balances oil, leaving a mattified result. Downtime: None, Duration: 20 minutes, Skin Types: oily, congested, acne and breakout prone skin.


Bespoke treatment

This treatment will be tailored to suit your particular skin requirements and problem areas after consultation with our specialist nurse

From £55

Skin drench facial

Standard treatment


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