Important update information on reopening

Since the Government statement we have had many queries on our planned date to re open, and whether indeed this can go ahead.

We would like to take this opportunity to offer you all reassurance that our practice is safe to open and we are following specific guidance from:

  • Public Health England
  • The Covid legislation
  • Our professional governing bodies
  • And our insurance providers

These are outlined as followed

  1. We are a clinic and in a position to risk assess and provide safe treatment with appropriate personal protective equipment
  2. We are only performing low contact time treatments that are safe to do so and all instruments used are disposed of after each client. Nothing we use needs cleaned and re used.
  3. The clinic is operated and ran by Registered Nurses who are healthcare professionals and are in a position to assess the positive effect the treatment will have on your psychological well being and your mental health.
  4. We have very strict policies in place to ensure your safety is paramount however we guarantee these policies will be continually assessed and reviewed on a daily basis to stay with in Public Health England guidelines. Should we feel at any point safety and health is breached then we will discontinue treatments.

We hope this helps and clarifies the current situation and may we ask please be prompt for your appointment. As practitioners we have left sufficient cleaning time between appointments, if however circumstances out of our control do not allow you entry into our clinic please be not be offended if asked to wait outside until it is safe to enter.

All that said we will be delighted to see you all and welcome you with a nice friendly face and smiley eyes, as our mouths will behind a mask 😷!

See you all soon.



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