Botox and Dermal Fillers

How to get safe treatment for ‘Botox’ and Dermal Fillers.

It’s very important when receiving Anti-Wrinkle Treatment (such Botox®, Bocouture or DySport®) or Dermal Filler treatment that, as a customer, you should expect high standards from any treatment you receive.

The following is a guide on what to expect when receiving any treatment:

    • An NMC registered nurse.
    • A well informed, professional practitioner.
    • A nurse who follows the code of conduct as supplied by the NMC.
    • Expect the clinic to be clean and presentable.
    • Proof of qualification and evidence of training and insurance.
    • A full and detailed consultation with your practitioner.
    • Full medical history relevant to the treatment you expect.
    • Understanding your expectations.
    • A cooling off period before treatment.
    • Clear explanation of treatments and what to expect before, during and after treatment.
    • Explanation of possible side effects and complications.
    • Informed consent signed each time.
    • Information leaflets on aftercare for treatments.
    • Full follow up to assess the treatment given.
    • You can request before and after photos.

Statistics show that treatment provided by a registered nurse shows that the percentage rate of people considerably delighted with their treatment, before and after is far higher than those treated by beauticians. Nurses have their own code of conduct which applies to themselves at all times.

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