What are wrinkle reducing treatments?

They are treatments, which help to reduce the appearances of facial lines and wrinkles.

Various treatment options are available and can be given after a face to face consultation

How qualified are you?

415 is staffed by an Independent Nurse Presciber and a fully qualified Registered General Nurse.

I have expectations on how I will look after treatment.

During the consultation process we will also make sure that you are fully aware if the treatment will meet your expectations, and make a full assessment of your face.

What about makeup?

This will be have to cleansed off prior to treatment and not reapplied afterwards for at least 4 to 6 hours.

What about any bad after effects after treatment?

These treatments are very safe and the various brands are widely tested. Allergic reactions are rare, but if you do have a history of reactions, then we must be informed. 

Anything I should avoid after treatment?

Do not lie down, or do any vigourous exercise for around 6 hours after treatment. Do not have a steam/sauna and drink alcohol for 6 hours after. You should not touch the treated areas as well.