Smoking destroys your skin.

It’s been proven that smoking causes major skin problems. Problems which even wrinkle reducing treaments or Dermal Fillers might struggle to repair. Both treatments are temporary, but you can easily improve your skin by quitting smoking.

Even if you’ve been a life-long smoker, quitting now means that your skin will start eventually repairing itself.

Cigarette smoke contains a variety of toxic substances, such as cyanide, tar, carbon monoxide and a host of other unpleasant substances. Nicotine tends to reduce the blood flow to the dermis (your skin). This means less oxygen is going to your skin. This essentially weakens your skin, leading to flaky skin which in turn is affected by external pollutions.

As mentioned in this article, skin naturally sags and wrinkles, but smoking causes this prematurely.

As soon as you quit, your body will visibly improve within four to six weeks. However, you have to give it a helping hand. A good face cream is needed. Something Vitamin A, C and E. Also wear suncream to prevent the sun damaging your already struggling skin.

Keep a good diet, but also make sure you exfoliate a few times a week. This removes dead cells, but also encourages growth for new cells, which will be stronger due to the lack of nicotine in your blood stream.

Click here to visit the NHS website to read more about how to quit smoking.

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