Pamper your hair with an exceptional hair-drying experience

When your hair is wet, the swelling weakens the hair and raises the cuticles, which are prone to damage in their vulnerable state.

Rubbing your hair with a towel and blow-drying straightaway, can lead to frizzy, damaged hair and split ends.

Don’t worry. There’s a new way to manage your hair effortlessly and timelessly.

With the Scilla Rose specially designed Super Sassy / Super Absorbent / Super Size / Super Lightweight / Extra Large Hair Wrap, You don’t need to rub and strain your hair to extract the moisture. You just pop it on your head, twist, button it up and let the Super Sassy Hair Wrap do all the work for you. The Super Sassy Hair Wrap will help to reduce frizz so you will find yourself using less anti-frizz products.

Now simply put your Super Wrap on and allow it to absorb the moisture for around 15 minutes, by the time you’ve applied creams and make-up your hair will be ready to style.

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SUPER SASSY ABSORBENT! This wonderful microfibre towel is of superior quality and will leave your hair almost dry and ready for styling, giving you more time to be your playful self, every time you wash your hair.

SUPER SASSY STYLISH! The perfect addition to a SPA treatment or holiday. Dress to impress with luxury and performance all in one, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

SUPER SASSY SOFT! Luxurious, gentle, and perfect for all types of hair.

SUPER SASSY GIFT! Exquisite packaging and luxurious toweling mean that this Super Sassy Hair Wrap is the perfect gift for young and old, to make any girl (or guy) smile.

“Awaken the natural beauty of your hair!”

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