Bocouture approved by European regulatory authorities

Bocouture is officially the most comprehensive product available to treat all lines and wrinkles for the upper face area.

Bocouture has been officially approved by the European regulatory authorities to treat three areas, including frown lines, periorbital lines and glabellar frown lines. All other botulinum toxins are only to be licensed for two areas (although additional areas can be treated).
Merz Pharmaceuticals has be quoted: “As the only neurotoxin treatment approved for the simultaneous treatment of upper facial lines, Bocouture supports physicians in their day to day practice and enables them to provide their patients with safe and effective treatments with confidence,” said . “We are very proud of the fact that, while Bocouture was not the first toxin to enter the European market, it is the first product to achieve this important milestone.”
The approval is based on the results of a study with 156 patients from France, Germany and United Kingdom receiving treatment of upper facial lines with Bocouture. Merz’s website states: “Clinical trial data demonstrates that Bocouture has a favorable safety and efficacy profile in treating upper facial lines, both combined and separately, with treatment effects maintained for up to 4 months.”
There is more information on the Merz website about the official approval.
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